I’m Glad I Saw Epic Movie and/or Chicks Fucking Zebras

OK, that was a lie, and/or a catchy title.

You’ll notice this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, that’s because I’ve started a new and much better blog: Project Omniscience, in which I will blog about everything in the entire universe, one thing at a time.

And if that just happens to include zebras, then so be it.

See you in the aftermath. Peace! Not literally.

What else? Oh yeah, you fuckers I keep getting showing up at this blog looking for “chicks fucking zebras” and “zebras fucking” and “woman fuck small zebra” are just fucking weird.


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Okay, that does it.

I think this blog’s domain is due to expire soon, unless I remember to renew it. Is it worthwhile for you, my lovely readers? Apparently I get ten of you a day, looking for things like “zebras fucking cows”.

But before we sink slowly into the ether, I just had to post this image of a three-legged turtle with a prosthetic Tonka:

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I’m glad I saw hot archery chicks fucking zebras!

Somebody suggested that this would make a good title for a post here. I’m pretty convinced.

In other news, did you know that there’s pictures of bears riding horses? Well, there are. I’m sure you can look it up for your damn self though, because I’m too lazy to blog for you bastards nowadays.

Also, pictureisunrelated.com is fairly awesome.

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hfs, big numbers!

I’ve noticed something: it appears the less I blog, the more traffic I get. I haven’t yet got enough data to prove the hypothesis though, so I’d better keep occasiona-blogging to see what happens.

Big numbers are pretty hfs-worthy. Not just your regular big numbers, but the kind of big numbers talked about in this essay by Scott Aaronson.

Big. Yeah. Really big.

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Man jumps motorcycle, world returns to normal

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Gee, thedailyhfs guy — what happened to your blog? Why no posts for the last few months?”

And I’ll tell you: it’s because the world mysteriously stopped being interesting. I don’t know why, but for some reason, several months at the end of 2008 were marked by a complete lack of hfs-worthy things happening in the world. With no stupid stunts, crazy animal pictures or incredibly big things which one would normally not expect to be so incredibly big, the world became temporarily a very dull place.

Luckily it’s now 2009, and to mark the occasion, some guy jumped a motorcycle straight up 120 feet to land on the roof of the Arc de Triomphe. (The proper one in Vegas, not the crappy one in Paris.)

And with that, the world became a fantastically awesome place once again. Welcome back!

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Barack Obama: terrorist sympathizer. The picture that proves it!

Naah, just kidding: it’s something much cooler.

A lion riding a horse.

Aww, just click the goddamn link.

PS. Obama’s still a Marxist prick though.

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HFS, crashing firetrucks!

It’s hard not to see a firetruck coming. They’ve got those great big loud sirens, y’know. The only way you could fail to hear a firetruck coming is if you’re, say, in another firetruck.

I sure hope nobody was hurt in this otherwise totally awesome crash:

Only thing that would make it more awesome: if the firetrucks caught fire afterwards.

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