HFS! Huge collision!

Galaxies are pretty big, and there’s an awful lot of them. That being the case, it’s actually more common than you might think to see two galaxies colliding

This, on the other hand:

is *four* galaxies colliding. This is the only known four-galaxy collision visible from Earth. Each of these galaxies is a nice big one, so when they collide in the relatively near future (next hundred million years or so) it should form a nice big galaxy about ten times the size of our own.

The image is from the IRAS infra-red survey.


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  1. thedailyhfs said

    Another fun fact about galaxy collisions: our galaxy is gonna collide with Andromeda in about five billion years. Luckily galaxies are pretty gosh-darn empty, so it probably won’t make a helluva lot of difference here on Earth.

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