Penis hit by lightning! Also, the conjugate gradient algorithm.

According to my logs, most of the searchers who find this site are either looking for some variation on “penis”, or some variation on “struck by lightning”. For these people, I’d like to present, live from Croatia sometime last year:

Man’s penis struck by lightning

Now I’m just a little skeptical about the precise details of the story. Rather than being struck by lightning in the penis, it’s far more likely that he was struck by lightning in the head. However, since he was wearing rubber and leather (being a biker and all) and urinating at the time, the penis plus urine stream formed the lowest-resistance path from his head to the ground. There was, however, no permanent damage to his penis, which may mean that a lot of the current was conducted by his wet motorcycling clothes. Anyway, he was pretty lucky. I’m not sure how he compares to the struck-by-lightning-then-won-the-lotto person below.

Bonus: A wikipedia article about the conjugate gradient method for the iterative solution of linear systems of equations. It’s not very awe-inspiring, but maybe it’ll come in handy for you one of these days.



  1. Peter said

    pics or it didn’t happen

  2. thedailyhfs said

    Regrettably there are no pictures.

    For the future, I recommend everybody, when urinating, has a friend with a camera on standby, just in case this happens. That way, you can be famous on the internet.

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