I’m Glad I Saw Epic Movie

I’m glad I saw Epic Movie. It was totally the most awesome movie I ever saw. I especially liked the bit where that joke was repeated over and over. That was, like, totally great.


Hey, who likes zebras?



  1. Auto said

    “I might as well experiment with new methods for whoring for traffic.”

    It worked.

  2. nelfpriest said

    Way to take advantage of the xkcd alt text 😛

  3. lol said

    bravo! it worked!

  4. trip on acid said

    You filthy man-whore.

  5. stibbons said

    You know, I generally credit XKCD readers as being smarter than that fuck@you.com guy. Also with a better sense of humour.

    I guess there’s just no accounting for taste. Or lack of it.

  6. Freddy said

    Haha, agreed. Only non(-explicitly)-xkcd-related Google result here 😛


    Oh, great! Now the XKCD Alt-Text is a LIE! Congratulations

  8. Alex said



    i guess you got some attention, btw, the zebra was cool

  9. Nicholas said


  10. James said

    And I shouldn’t have kissed her.

  11. liedra said

    Does it help to let you know I don’t see any ads on your webpage? 😀

    /pats adblock + noscript

  12. thedailyhfs said

    liedra: Actually there aren’t any ads on this page anyway. 🙂 Purely a public service.

  13. Yes, the xkcd alt text is a lie, but none of the stats were exact to begin with. There were only 900-some results for I shouldn’t have kissed her/him, and I should have was off by a few hundred. Actually, maybe even >1000.

  14. You trickster!

  15. Damn. You got me (from Google)!

    Nice one 😉

  16. […] I’m Glad I Saw Epic Movie I’m glad I saw Epic Movie. It was totally the most awesome movie I ever saw. I especially liked the bit where […] […]

  17. Anonymouse said

    D’oh. Got me too… I oughta try this myself.

  18. someone said

    Wait! You mean all you other folks came here from a google search based on an alt-text from the xkcd.com webcomic? I had no idea? I arrived here because I was totally thrilled with Epic Movie! Am I the only one? And there was a girl I went with to see it, and she liked it too. I thought maybe we had something going there for a minute. Maybe I should have… nah. Nevermind.

  19. ben said


    this is… remarkable.

  20. damn said

    so you guys saw the xkcd comic and got curious too?

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