Update on last post

In case you were wondering (and since I did it for science, I’m obliged to publish my results), the answer is: about 500 hits in the last half hour on my “I’m glad I saw Epic Movie” post.

Given that this blog generally putters around 10 hits a day, primarily from people searching for some variation on “zebra penis” (I don’t know why) I have two thoughts.

Firstly, you people are scary.

Secondly, I am deeply sorry that I don’t have something better to show you when you get here. Please accept this, the most awesome picture ever taken, by way of apology:



  1. thedailyhfs said

    Oh, and about 10% of those stay to look at the zebra penis.

  2. stibbons said

    You should rename this blog “HFS it’s a zebra penis!”

  3. Dan said

    well that’s because of the newest xkcd post…


    look at the alt text 🙂

  4. Guy said




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