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Zebras and Dragons

I was reading overcomingbias yesterday. It has some deeply interesting content, combined with some deeply stupid content. While the Eliezer Yudkowsky guy who runs it seems like a complete douche, I did like this quote:

“Alas for those who turn their eyes from zebras and dream of dragons! If we cannot learn to take joy in the merely real, our lives shall be empty indeed.” — Eliezer S. Yudkowsky.

I reckon this is a suitable slogan for thedailyhfs. Eliezer, this one’s for you:


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Again with the fucking zebras

Just looked at my logs, and yesterday’s two top search terms were:

zebra fucking zebra


fucking a zebra

Who the fuck are you people? Seriously, folks.

Oh yeah, also, here’s a video of some guy doing something impressive, or something.

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I’m Glad I Saw Epic Movie

I’m glad I saw Epic Movie. It was totally the most awesome movie I ever saw. I especially liked the bit where that joke was repeated over and over. That was, like, totally great.


Hey, who likes zebras?

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More Zebra Penis!

I’ve just been checking my logs, and apparently most of my hits are from people searching for “zebra penis”.

So here’s another video.

More zebra penis!

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